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Seasonal Planting for Winter

Here at Grangewood we know that mindfully choosing your plants is the secret to the perfect garden. We can often be drawn to whatever looks the biggest and most colourful in the Garden Centre. However, sometimes that isn’t the best plant for our garden. There are many factors to think of when undertaking seasonal planting for winter; soil type, sunlight, watering. Arguably the most importantly consideration should be the time of year that it thrives. Every plant has a different month to sow, a different length of time it needs to grow and a time it’s in full bloom. With careful planning, you can have gorgeous plants all year round. There’s no need to wait until Summer for a blooming garden. So in January, one of the dullest months of the year, what is there to plant?

Make A Start On Your Vegetables

January is a great time to get your vegetables on their way. If you’re looking for an early crop, you can begin sowing certain seeds indoors, such as lettuce, cabbages, spinach, salad onions and turnips. For plants like onions and chillies you’re going to need a heated propagator, but broad beans can just be left in a mild place, such as a greenhouse. While there’s not much to do out in the garden, it’s a nice task to get done now so you can reap the rewards of fresh vegetables come summertime.

Seasonal Planting for Winter

It’s Time To Sow Seeds

In February you can begin to sow flowers now too. Most flowers will need to be kept warm inside whilst they germinate, but can still be planted so they’re ready for bloom in the Summer. Sweet peas are a good one for this time of year as they can survive in temperatures as low as 12 degrees Celsius, meaning they should do fine in an unheated greenhouse. Delphiniums are another one to make a start with as they take a while to get up and running. Keep them in the fridge for three weeks and then maintain them at temperatures between 15 and 21 degrees Celsius whilst they germinate.

Seasonal Planting for Winter with Immediate Colour

If you’re looking for some immediate winter colour rather than just prepping for Summer, there are plenty of plants still in bloom at this time of year. Head down to the garden centre and pick up a Winter Honeysuckle which has fragrant white flowers between December and February. The White Christmas Rose is the earliest flowering Hellebore. This particular plant usually flowers between January and March. The of course we have Winter Pansies. These bring those bright Summer colours into Winter with their intense variety of colours. There’s many more varieties to choose from, so it’s definitely worth popping down and having a chat with one of our team. Come and see what we have for seasonal planting for winter.

Christmas Rose Helleborus

Whether you’re keeping your garden colourful all year round or preparing for the warmer months, planting with the season is the best way to ensure your garden is full of successful, healthy plants. We’re excited to see how our stock changes over the year and how you plan on implementing this into your own gardens!



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