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Summer raspberries make larger, more vigorous plants that fruit from early summer, while autumn raspberries are generally smaller plants that crop from late August to October.

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As it’s name suggests, Autumn Bliss is an autumn-fruiting raspberry that produces heavy crops of large, delicious berries from August until the winter frosts. An excellent choice for a sheltered sunny spot with well-prepared, moderately fertile, well-drained soil, the fruit are borne on the upper part of the current season’s canes.

Polka is a primocane raspberry, which has the potential to produce two crops in a year. In late spring and early summer, fruit is borne on the previous years stems, while in late summer and autumn, fruit is developed on the current years stems. Renowned for the exceptional quality and consistency of its fruit, they are large, have a fresh flavour and an outstanding shelf life. The plants also show a good resistance to disease.

Glen Ample is a high yielding, mid season summer fruiting raspberry much favoured by professional growers. Their large, round and conical-shaped berries have an excellent flavour and hold well on the cane. They produce large, tasty fruit from early to late July.

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Autumn Bliss, Polka, Glen Ample


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