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Making The Most of A Small Garden

Affording a home nowadays is expensive, and for us gardeners it’s even harder to find something in budget with a garden big enough for all our great gardening plans and ideas! Fear not though, there is plenty you can do with a small outside space, and we have some top tips on how to utilise it. There’s no need to be disheartened about having to pick and choose what to do with your garden, because with a bit of thought and careful planning you can definitely do more than you think! Below are ideas on making the most of a small garden.


1.) Create A Plan For Making The Most Of A Small Garden

First of all, have a think about if you have any priorities. Is it vital that you have a big seating area for entertaining, or would you rather use as much of the space for planting as possible? If you can create a list of top three garden features, these can be used as your key focal points for the garden. Having something to work off is a big help when you’re dealing with limited space. It may help to search on inspiration sites such as Pinterest too to see what other people are doing.


small garden

2.) Choose The Right Furniture

Furniture is a big one to consider. We all love to enjoy our outside space, especially in the warmer months, but furniture is big and bulky which means it takes up a lot of that valuable space. This doesn’t mean you can’t have it though. Try and choose collapsible furniture; there’s a wide range nowadays, much beyond the fold up plastic chairs. There’s also extendable furniture too. If you need a patio table, get one that can fold out! This means when you need it, it’s there, but when you don’t you’ve still got that extra space to make your garden feel open.

Also go for lighter furniture pieces if you can. It’s well known that choosing light furnishing make your space look bigger, and this applies to gardens too! Another little trick, although this may not be to everyone’s taste, is to put mirrors in your garden. The reflection gives the illusion of a bigger area!


3.) You Can Still Have Trees When Making The Most Of A Small Garden!

You may think that because you’re restricted in space that trees are a big no no – but this isn’t true! Trees are great for if you want a bit of shade, and the smaller varieties can easily be incorporated into a small garden. Fruit trees are a good one to go with! Cherry trees are perfect, not only is their spring blossom gorgeous but they have delicious fruit too. Not a fan of that look? If you want something to suit a modern garden maple trees look great for a pop of Autumn colour.

small garden

4.) Bamboo, bamboo, bamboo!

Bamboo is a fantastic architectural feature for making the most of a small garden. It can help provide privacy and mould the landscape into sections without taking lots of room on the ground as it mainly grows upwards.



5.) Shed or no shed?

This one is definitely going to be a big dilemma for small garden folks. A shed is great for storing tools and other outside equipment such as bikes, but they take up such a huge space in a small garden. For some of you, it may be an absolute necessity, in which case we say why not make the most of it? If you’re going to have a shed, trail plants up it, paint it a colour that blends in with the landscape (such as a nice green) and hang accessories on the exterior. This way it’s going to not look big and imposing. You get your storage space and a nicely decorated garden feature – win win!

If you’re wanting a shed alternative, why not try a tool store? These small wooden structures not only look pretty, but they provide a space to keep tools dry and safe without the need the have a massive structure in your garden.


These are five ways you can make the most of your small garden. From how you plan it to what you plant, utilising the space will give you an outdoor haven that ticks all your boxes!


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