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Making A Statement In Your Garden

Making a statement in your garden is not always the easiest thing to do. Where do you draw the line? When does a statement become too much? We’ve complied a handy guide on how to make the perfect statement in your garden.

Making a Colour Statement

A great place to start is colour. Using colour is a great way to create an eye-catching garden without a big investment. We recommend using either one bold colour or contrasting colours for your planters and baskets. Hot pinks, bright purples and yellows always look great, particularly if you have neutral or green pots. Pansies are a great choice for this kind of feature, but any plant that has big flowers will work. Plants with these kind of flowers are also amazing for attracting bees, which is another bonus of using them.

Making a Statement with Trees

Another way of making a statement is by creating a focal point. If you have a tree in your garden you can use it to your advantage. Make it an eye-catching feature by pruning and shaping it. If you’re feeling brave why not try a more unique or interesting shape? For an added touch at night, add lighting to your trees to illuminate your garden. If you don’t already have a tree, why not plant one? Choosing the right kind of tree and the perfect spot for it can transform your garden with very minimal effort.

Formal Garden

Use Statues and Structures

Statues and structures are also great for creating a focal point in the garden. Use them to create height in flower beds or add a matching pair to enhance an entrance. Here at the garden centre we have a wide variety whether you’re looking for something classic or more modern. Choosing the right feature and landscaping around it with the right plants can create a real statement.

Create Atmosphere with Water

There are so many types of water features to choose from; ponds, fountains, waterfalls. Large or small a water feature can create a great atmosphere & talking point in the garden. Adding a pond to your garden requires hard work, but once complete you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful space in your garden full of wildlife. Water features are a great way of achieving a similar result in a smaller space or on a budget. They can be embedded into flower beds or borders for a more discrete look, or if you really want to show your feature off then place it in the middle of your lawn for a more attention-grabbing look.


Making a statement in your garden can be simple if you go about it in the right way. Maybe start with one of the suggestions above and see how you feel. Not enough? Choose another one and add that to your garden. Making a statement is about layering and experimenting until it feels right for you. Everyone’s garden statement is going to look different, maybe it’s time to find yours.


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