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Christmas Tree Recycling Ideas

You can’t beat having a real Christmas tree but once the holidays are over you are left with the difficult part. What do you do with your Christmas tree now the festivities have ended? You’ve taken the baubles off, the needles are falling and you’re left with a big tree in your living room. Some local authorities arrange drop-off points for trees in early January but if yours doesn’t, we have some great ways you can recycle it yourself. If used correctly, Christmas trees can have lots of benefits for your garden, so why waste them? Below are a selection of ideas for Christmas tree recycling;

Pine Needle Mulch

Make Pine Needle Mulch

If you’re into gardening, there’s a way you can use the needles to benefit your plants. Simply shake off the old needles and collect them into a pile, allowing them to decompose slowly. Once rotted down you can apply the mulch directly to the surface of the soil you’re planting in. Doing this improves conservation of soil moisture, improves soil fertility and reduces weed growth. It’s definitely not worth letting those needles go to waste – save them and help your plants to flourish come spring time.


Use the Branches as Stakes

Have a saw? Then you’re good to go! If you’re planning on growing climbing plants this year, or even just want to grow a few sunflowers to brighten up your garden, you’re going to need stakes to support them. You could always go and buy the plastic stakes that you can find in most DIY shops but what’s the need? You already have free, natural stakes right at your fingertips. Trimmed Christmas tree branches are the perfect height and sturdiness to support your plants as they grow.

Christmas Tree Recycling Into Firewood

Now this may seem like an obvious one, but why not save the wood for a fire? Cut the wood down and leave it in a dry place ready to use for Summer bonfires. It’s always going to come in handy and saves you a trip down to the tip!

Wood Ash

Make Wood Ash

This is another idea that your plants will love! Wood ash is nutrient rich, particularly in potassium and phosphorus, which is great for vegetable gardens. Wood ash can also remove excessive acid from soil as it has a liming effect and is great to add to your compost heap too. It’s so easy to do. Burn down the wood from your tree, collect the ashes and then scatter them over your garden in the places that need a little extra help.

Create a Bird Shelter

If you’re looking for a simple one all you have to do is place your tree outside in its stand. Not only can this make a nice garden feature, the birds will love it too! Hang a few feeders and fat balls from the branches to create a little haven for garden birds. Small birds can always do with a little helping hand in the winter, and your Christmas tree will last much longer outside too! Quick, easy and great for the environment.

Make A Donation To Charity

St. Giles Hospice will collect and recycle your real Christmas tree in return for a donation. Simply book your collection by 5pm on Wednesday 5th January 2022 – and they’ll do the rest!

Last year, their TreeCycle raised a record-breaking £60,000! Book Your TreeCycle HERE!


These are just six ways you can recycle your Christmas tree. Try out these ideas and who knows, you could find a new Christmas tradition! We’d love to hear how you get on and any other suggestions that you have for recycling your tree.

To everyone who’s bought Christmas trees from us, we want to thank you and we hope to see you back again for your next tree.


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