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Bringing The Indoors Out

Our gardens are extensions of our home, yet they get used nowhere near as often. Especially when the weather outside is nice, we should be out in nature, after all it is proven to make us feel that little bit happier. This is where bringing the indoors out comes in. We’ve all heard about bringing the outdoors in and how to incorporate plants into our living space, but what about incorporating our living space into our plants? Below is our handy guide on how to create an enjoyable living space outside for entertaining, living and relaxing.

Create a Seating Area

Begin with creating a seating area. This is going to be your key focus point and where you and your guests are going to be. We recommend using soft furnishings to maximise comfort. Although hard furniture seems more practical because it’s waterproof and wipeable, it doesn’t look or feel appealing. Nobody enjoys sitting on hard wooden chairs, but if this is what you already have don’t worry – it can be worked with! Try incorporating cushions and blankets into your area. Whilst these can’t be left out, you can always store them inside or invest in a storage box to keep them in. Blankets are great for if the nights get chilly as well as just for general comfort.


At Grangewood Garden Centre we stock a wide variety of blankets, including fluffy ones for extra warmth. It’s all about layering. Even if you’re starting with basic garden furniture, think about what makes you comfortable when sat in your living room, and begin to add those elements in.

Bringing The Indoors Out

Create an Easy Path to Comfort

One of the major differences between being inside and outside is what we’re walking on. Outside surfaces are hard, rocky and require us to wear shoes, whereas inside we walk on soft, smooth surfaces. When bringing the indoors out, try and remember this. Rugs work well for doing this. You want to be able to walk to your seating area easily, even without shoes. Even if you don’t fancy putting a rug in your area, making sure that soft tiles or paving is used really adds to the comfort. You’ll get that comfortable you’ll forget you’re even outside.

Shed a Little Extra Light

Lighting is also key. As it gets darker, you’re going to need to light up your outside area in order to continue enjoying it. What lighting you choose is vital to creating that desired cosy atmosphere. Warm lighting is our go to. Any yellow-toned bulbs work great for making an inviting space. Fairy lights are a winner for this too. They can be draped along walls, or if you have flower beds you can trail them around plants and bushes. Trees are another one that look stunning lit up as well. Combining soft lighting with soft furnishings is a mix proven to be perfect for relaxation.

Bring the Indoors Out & Invest in a Fireplace

Having a nice outdoor fireplace can sometimes be an investment, but the warmth it brings certainly will make you forget your sat outside on a cool spring night. The main problem with being outdoors in the UK is the temperature. It doesn’t often reach a temperature where we’re not itching to get back inside. Wrap up in your blankets around your outdoor fireplace and you’ll be desperate to stay outside.


At Grangewood we have a range of products to help you bring the inside out, and we’d love to hear how you get on with our tips and tricks. Bringing the inside out is a favourite of ours, and we’re sure it will be for you too!


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