Bird Seed, Feeders and Wildlife Products

Here at the Garden Centre, we know how important it is to provide food for wild birds and animals during Autumn and Winter as natural food sources like berries and flying insects become more scarce. That is why we are pleased to have new in stock a great selection of Tom Chambers wildlife products, bird seed and feeders.

Bird Feeders

Our range of bird feeders includes numerous designs to feed a variety of foods from straights to mixes and peanuts this comprehensive range of feeders offers a feeding solution for most gardens.

Bird Tables

Crafted from only use FSC® approved timber, each table is handcrafted to create a stunning focal point for the garden. Many also feature a genuine, hand cut slate roof.

Bird Seed & Feeds

Tom Chambers have years of experience in creating and blending quality food for garden birds. This ensures that any blend we supply brings birds flocking to your gardens and keeps them returning for more!

Suet & Fats

Fat and suet products are designed to offer additional nutrition and give a high energy boost to garden birds. Made with only the very best ingredients to ensure delicious, nutritious snacks to attract a variety of garden birds.

Wildlife Products

Our selection of wildlife houses are designed to be both decorative and to offer a warm and dry habitat for a variety of insects. We also stock a selection of nutritious snacks to for wild animals.

Why not drop into Grangewood Garden Centre at Bonehill Road, Tamworth, to see our full range of bird seed, feeders and wildlife products.